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Our 425-hr Foundations program brings together the practices of place-based herbalism, lifestyle & embodiment, yoga & Ayurveda, sustainable farming, along with diet & nutrition.  This program captures the collective knowledge and skills of the Hawthorn faculty and weaves them together into a hands-on transformative curriculum.

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Our Herbal Field Studies program is designed for anyone that has a strong interest in bioregional medicine making, wild-crafting, botany, and exploring wild spaces.

The curriculum supports students to engage in the life-long contemplation of the human-plant relationship, and provides the tools necessary to connect to the natural world.

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Yoga has the potential to bring us into a greater sense of ease, embodiment, and connection with both plant and human communities. We offer workshops and trainings which provide students the opportunity to explore a yoga practice grounded in nature, deeply rooted in tradition while embracing innovation.


Our Food & Farming Program offers a holistic model for local food sovereignty and sustainability.  Students will gain the skills necessary to grow organic food and medicine for a production farm, community garden, or backyard.   Students explore and create relationship with the seasonal rhythms of sowing, harvesting, and eating.

Be the Medicine


Hawthorn is a group of herbalists, yogis, farmers and plant people brought together by a love and commitment to serving the plants and people of the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion.  We believe in the interlocking of human and environmental well-being and strive to live this philosophy as a daily practice.  Our goal is to inspire and nurture a generation of Earth stewards and community leaders.


We are committed to creatively challenging our students to grow.   We are continually exploring strategies, tools, and insights that will help us to better communicate and facilitate healthy practices and relationships.



We seek to nurture relationships between people and the natural world in hopes that these relationships will continue to be sustainable, synergistic, and mutually rewarding.  We believe that tending the body and tending the Earth are intrinsically connected.

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We believe that personal well being is intimately connected to community health.  We provide community wellness services and promote environmental stewardship through our support of local non-profits, restoration projects, and free herbalism initiatives. 



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