Hawthorn Farm

Nestled in the Siskiyou mountains, Hawthorn Farm is  a 12 acre property that combines field, forest, riparian zone and the North Fork of the Williams Creek. We specialize in growing organic vegetables, fruit, and medicinal herbs in our 3 acre garden. We are committed to the highest care of our soil in order to grow food that is mineral rich and nutrient dense, believing that good food creates good health. Through cover cropping, composting, raising animals for manure, and harvesting materials from forest and ocean, every year our soil and our bodies become more mineralized and healthy.


In addition to tending an ever-growing diversity of plants, we are currently raising chickens and pigs, with plans to expand our livestock scene with a herd of goats and a flock of ducks. We are proud of our standards for creating the best possible life for all of our farm animals.

Mondays 4-6:30

Williams Farmers Market

206 Tetherow Rd

Williams, OR

Saturdays 9-1

Grants Pass Growers Market

4th & Fst

Grants Pass, OR

Takubeh Farm Store

Williams General Store

Rascals Bar and Grill

Various community events

& organizations

Where to find us

The core of our mission as a farm is to provide a large variety of the healthiest possible produce to the people of Southern Oregon at affordable prices, and we consider ourselves privileged to have the land and the water of the Williams Creek to do so.

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As stewards of the land, we are dedicated to the care and preservation of the forest and riparian zone, and the plants and animals we are blessed to share this land with. We view our farm as an intersection of wildness and domesticity and strive to create a balance between the needs of the human and the non-human beings that co-inhabit this sacred place with us.

Three large greenhouses allow us a focus on extending the season in which we can provide food for ourselves and others. Through careful attention to timing and weather conditions, the climate of Southern Oregon allows us the possibility of a four-season harvest.

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