Bioregional Ayurveda & Herbalism 6-day Retreat

August 10-15, 2020 :: S. Oregon Wilderness Areas

Facilitated by Tyler Wauters, Kyle Roberts, Todd Anthony, Brandon Fulton, & Fox Del Mar

This retreat will bring us into a deep exploration of the human-nature relationship. We will lay the framework of Ayurveda and begin to apply it onto the environment around us.  Along the way we will be weaving Astrology, Plant Medicine, Nutrition, Ethnobotany, Mantra and Ceremony into each day. 

August 10-15, 2020 :: S. Oregon Wilderness Areas - Red Buttes or Cascades

Required Deposit - $300

Early Bird Registration : $1,000 (Save $150 thru 2/1/20)

Full Price Registration: $1,150

Pre-Registration Required



Bioregional Ayurveda – 20hrs

Bioregional Ayurveda is a contemporary healing modality that aligns the person’s physical, energetic, and mental bodies to an environment. This approach utilizes healing practices of Ayurveda (originally developed in India) by applying them to one’s chosen Bioregion. This approach allows one to understand medicinal resources, food, and expressions of climate as they pertain to unique constitutions within a specific local. Bioregional Ayurveda functions to empower the mind and body through developing a connection to personal purpose (Dharma), cultivating health, and eliminating imbalances when they interfere with wellness.     

Place-Based Herbalism :: Plant Walks :: Plant Communication ::

Human-Nature Relationship :: Ethnobotany – 20hrs

We will begin by learning about the human & natural history of the bio-region we explore.  While being immersed in nature each person will develop transformative relationships with plants through the practices of organoleptic exploration, plant meditations, and plant walks.  Each day will build on the last as we will be bridging concepts within Ayurveda such as doshic theory and elemental theory and applying them to both our bodies and the environment around us.  We will also be weaving these systems together by incorporating what we are learning in the field into each meal we share. Our meals will act as the intersection where place-based Herbalism and bio-regional Ayurveda fully integrate into one holistic practice.

Mantra; Ceremony :: Astrology – 10hrs

Mantra is a subtle sound that is repetitively spoken aloud or thought of within one’s own mind. For purposes of developing profound connections to the facets of nature, mantra acts as a tool for strengthening consciousness as it relates to the world around you. Just as various indigenous groups throughout the world used mantra to harmonize relationship to nature we will incorporate similar practices to “connect” to the environment.  Along with Mantra, each day will also present us with opportunities to step into personal and collective ceremony.  With ceremony, comes intention and both growth of self and relationship to other.

In the evenings we will be exploring our neighboring celestial bodies and their influences and learn how to integrate their energies into our life.

Pre-Registration Required


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