Women's Health Weekend Intensive

Postponed to Fall 2020

9-4 pm

@ Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR

All levels welcome (Beginner/Introductory, Intermediate)

Join us for a weekend of holistic Women’s Health! We will explore topics such as  hormone regulation, herbal menstrual cycle support, lymphatic breast health, womb tending + yoni steaming, herbs and self care for fertility, pregnancy and beyond,  menstrual cycle tracking, herbal support for STI’s, herbal contraceptives as well as a deep dive into all of our amazing herbal allies that support a healthy reproductive system!


I will be weaving together western herbalism, the insights of Ayurvedic medicine as well as functional nutrition for a truly holistic approach to women’s health and self care. This workshop will be a mix of lecture and hands on exploration and  is open to women, female identified, and non-bonary folks of any age and phase of life.


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Anja Robinson is a Clinical Herbalist, Functional Nutritionist, Full Spectrum Doula, and Women’s Integrative Health Practitioner. Anja has owned and operated Mana Medicinals, a botanical medicine company based in Southern Oregon since 2015 and started her private practice shortly after, where she specializes in chronic and complex Women’s Health conditions. She is a core faculty member for the Hawthorn Institute as well as Herb Pharm’s Herbaculture program and has taught at a variety of herbal conferences and symposiums as well working as a community herbalist with the non-profit M.A.S.H.H. {Medicine for All Seeking Health & Healing}. She also facilitates Lymphatic Breast Education and massage with the Areola collective - a group of Ayurvedic Practitioners committed to holistic breast health awareness and education. She is passionate about community herbalism, women’s health and empowerment through education and teaches on a variety of topics including Wildcrafting & Medicine Making, Root Cause Medicine, Ayurveda, Integrative Women’s Health, Lymphatic Breast Health, Fertility Awareness and Holistic Nutrition. Anja’s passion for botanical medicine, whole foods nutrition and sustainability has led her on a path of education and travel, where she shares her knowledge and empowers others to lead healthy, vibrant lives in harmony with our sacred ecosystems. She is currently based in Ashland, Oregon where she runs her private practice and lives with her two dogs. 


Anja is a core faculty member at Hawthorn Institute

To learn more about Anja, please see her website - https://www.manamedicinals.net

Through the Women’s Health Intensive you will learn...

  • To deepen your understanding of the intricacies of the female reproductive system including how to bring your hormones back into balance, cycle tracking, and herbs & supplements to support healthy menstrual cycles.

  • Herbal allies, nutrients and protocols specific to a variety of common women’s health concerns

  • Herbal allies for fertility, conception, pregnancy and the 4th trimester

  • Herbal contraceptive support + an introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method

  • The role the lymphatic system plays in reproductive health, and Ayurvedic bodywork techniques you can use at home to support healthy detoxification of hormones.

  • Holistic breast and womb self care practices including lymphatic breast massage and yoni steaming

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