In effort to make our programing more accessible to the part-time student, we are thrilled to offer a collection of workshops in 2020.  Workshops are a great way to meet our faculty and join the Hawthorn community.  



Seven Direction Medicine Wheel Series

When: Jan 18, 2020 - 10:30am-Noon

Where: Hawthorn Institute in Williams (email for directions)

Cost: FREE

This will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the Medicine Wheel program, meet Laural and to ask questions. There is no-obligation.  Series begins March 7th.


Seven Direction Medicine Wheel

w/ Laural Virtues Wauters

When: Seven Weekends - Seven Month - Series (Sat/Sun: 9am - 4pm)

Mar 7 & 8 - South - Root Chakra - Serpent  

Apr 4 & 5 - West - Sacral Chakra - Jaguar

May 16 & 17 - North - Solar Plexus Chakra - Hummingbird

Jun 13 & 14 - East - Heart Chakra - Eagle/Condor

Jul 25 & 26 - Below - Throat Chakra - Tree Roots

Aug 22 & 23 - Within/Center - Third Eye Chakra - Tree Trunk 

Sept 12 & 13 - Above - Crown Chakra - Tree Branches

Where: Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR 

Cost: Pre-Registration Required.

$1,750 (paid in 7 installments of $250)

SAVE $250:  Pay $1500 for entire program by 2/28/20

The Seven Direction Medicine Wheel is a conscious immersion of self-discovery, personal healing and inner transformation. This cross-cultural series weaves ancient wisdom teachings and indigenous traditions from around the world.




Herbal Anatomy Series

w/ Anja Robinson & Venessa Rodriguez

When: 5 month series, 1 weekend per month (Sat/Sun 9a - 4p)

  • Digestive System Intensive - March 21 & 22

  • Nervous System Intensive- April 18 & 19

  • Immune & Lymphatic System Intensive - May 23 & 24

  • Reproductive System Intensive - July 11 & 12

  • Cardiovascular System Intensive - August 22 & 23

Where: Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR 

Cost*: Pre-Registration Required.

Sign up for the full series or choose individual intensives 

Full Series Early Bird Registration (ends 1/20/20) : $1250 (Save $250!)

Full Series Intensive Full Price Registration: $1500

Single Intensive Early Bird Registration: $300

Single Intensive Full Price Registration: $350

*Payment plans available upon request

Imagine having more knowledge, confidence,

and competence when it comes to herbal medicine.


Through Herbal Anatomy you will learn...


  • To deepen your understanding of the intricacies of the body system and how herbs and foods interact with each system on a biochemical level

  • Herbal allies specific to each body system as well as simple formulas and remedies for  common health concerns. The course will focus on our bioregional herbal allies.

  • To confidently support your family, community, & clients with herbs, whole foods and mind body practices

  • To cut through the confusion of trendy diets and “shotgun herbalism” and understand the principles of a bioindivual and elemental approach to nutrition and herbalism 



Herbal Medicine Making

w/ Todd Anthony

When: 9am-4pm

Spring Workshops:

April 25 - Infusions, decoctions, tinctures and percolations.

April 26 - Acetums, oxymels, fire cider and flower essences.

May 2 - Infused oils, salves/balms, creams/ointments, emulsions and suppositories.  

May 3 - Syrups, cordials/elixirs, medicinal honeys, miels, electuaries.

May 9 - Hydrosols, facial steams w/ EO, liniments and first aid kits.


Autumn Workshops:

Sept 26 - Infusions, decoctions, tinctures and percolations.

Sept 27 - Acetums, oxymels (firecider) and flower essences.

Oct 3 - Infused oils, salves/balms, creams/ointments, emulsions and suppositories.

Oct 4 - Syrups, cordials/elixirs, miels, electuaries, medicinal honeys.

Oct 17 - Hydrosols, facial steams w/ EO, liniments and first aid kits.

Where: Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR 

Cost: Pre-Registration Required. Cost includes medicine making supplies, handouts, and a nutritious lunch.

Sign up for the full Spring or Autumn series or choose individual workshops.

Full Series Early Bird Registration (ends 2/20/20) : $625 (Save $100!)

Full Series Intensive Full Price Registration: $725 ($145/workshop)

Single Intensive Registration: $175

Personalized herbal medicine is all about embodiment! It’s not just the medicine we take when we are sick, but also the food we eat in our daily lives. Each hands-on herbal medicine making workshop will provide an overview of the featured medicinal herbs and techniques, as well as a review of their history and folklore.



Women's Health Intensive

w/ Anja Robinson

When: May 29-31, 2020

Where: Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR 

Cost: Pre-Registration Required.

Early Bird Registration (ends 3/30/20): $400

Full Price Registration: $450

Join us for a weekend of holistic Women’s Health! We will explore topics such as  hormone regulation, herbal menstrual cycle support, lymphatic breast health, womb tending + yoni steaming, herbs and self care for fertility, pregnancy and beyond,  menstrual cycle tracking, herbal support for STI’s, herbal contraceptives as well as a deep dive into all of our amazing herbal allies that support a healthy reproductive system!

I will be weaving together western herbalism, the insights of Ayurvedic medicine as well as functional nutrition for a truly holistic approach to women’s health and self care. This workshop will be a mix of lecture and hands on exploration and  is open to women, female identified, and non-binary folks of any age and phase of life.



Bioregional Ayurveda &

Herbalism Retreat

w/ Tyler Wauters, Kyle Roberts, Todd Anthony,

Brandon Fulton, & Fox Del Mar

When: August 10-15, 2020

Where:  Southern Oregon - Red Butte Wilderness or Southern      

Cascades (TBD by the weather) 

Cost: Pre-Registration Required.

Deposit: $300

Early Bird Registration (ends 2/1/20): $1,000*

Full Price Registration: $1,150*

(*Price includes deposit & prepared meals)

This retreat will bring us into a deep exploration of the human-nature relationship. We will lay the framework of Ayurveda and begin to apply it onto the environment around us.  Along the way we will be weaving Astrology, Plant Medicine, Nutrition, Ethnobotany, Mantra and Ceremony into each day.


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